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The following is a list of tasks and guidelines to help you prepare your site for your new building.


Site Selection

Choose a location that will allow proper water drainage from all four corners of your building.

If you are planning on having wall light panels installed, take into consideration the amount of sunlight that particular location will have.

Building Design & Layout

Design the building with usage and cosmetic appeal in mind. Confirm with your sales representative size requirements and building classification (commercial or farm/country residential).

Engineered Blueprints

Obtain appropriate building blueprints for the project if required. Most commercial structures will require fire rating options.

Permits: Development & Building

Obtain a development permit from the appropriate authority if necessary.

Project Financing

Ensure your financing is in place prior to construction to avoid any delays.

Ask us about our leasing option.

Building Contract

A building contract must be signed prior to the building being ordered and construction date established. A deposit will be taken at this time.

Locate Underground Utilities

Identify and locate all owner-installed utilities as well as utility company services. Call before you dig.

Site Preparation

Remove all organic material and level site within six inches across all perimeter points of the building. Arrange to have gravel delivered as per your contract and place outside of the building footprint.

Construction & Delivery Clearance

The construction crew requires 15’ clearance around the perimeter of your building. A suitable staging area for the building materials is also required within close proximity of the building site. Confirm these details with your sales representative.

Construction Garbage

Please provide a trailer or dumpster to dispose of any remaining construction garbage. Construction crew will pick up any visible nails on the ground.

Backfill Site

Backfill topsoil or gravel around perimeter of the building to ensure proper water drainage is maintained.