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Doors are a vital part of your new building. We offer multiple door types and custom sizes to make sure that we can provide you with one that works for you.

Overhead Doors

Available in widths up to 32 feet in a single door, or up to 48 foot opening when installing a mullion door
Doors have insulation value of R18
Available with various window options
3” Standard Heavy Hardware
3” Rollers, 11 gauge hinges, pusher springs
High cycle torsion springs
Overhead Doors supplied by Hanover Doors

Bi-Fold Doors

Available in various sizes up to 60’ x 22′
Functions in all weather, not affected by wind, snow or ice
Heavy duty steel construction
Optional insulation package available (2” reflective insulation)
Simply and securely locks from inside of building
Available in all colors. Color options.
Bi-Fold Doors supplied by Diamond Doors

Sliding Doors

Cannonball Sliding Door System
All metal construction
Economical door solution
Available in various sizes up to 20’ high x 40’ wide
Available in all colors. Color options.

Walk-in Doors

Prefinished Steel Door with Thermal break & dual contact weather stripping
24 gauge pre-painted panel in white
3’ or 4’ widths available
Standard height of 6’ 8”
Save energy with R12 insulation

Services & Specialties

Wizer Buildings Inc. specializes in Stud Frame and Pole Framed constructions. Each building is designed to meet each customers’ individual needs. We take a custom approach to each job because we realize that each building is as unique as the person we build it for. So whether you want a small garage, a big shop, or anything in between... We have a SOLUTION for you!

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Windows & Lighting


Polycarbonate Skylight, Sidelight & Ridge-Lite Panels

Brings Natural Light into Buildings
Retains Optical Clarity… Will Not Yellow like Fiberglass
Up to 20 Times Stronger than Fiberglass
100% UV Protection
Withstands Extreme Temperatures (-40°F to +270°F)
Hail and Wind Resistant
Matches the Most Popular Metal Roofing… 9” & 12” Profiles
Best Snow Load Capacity
Saves Electricity
Ten Year Limited Warranty

Note: Any Polycarbonate panel requires pre-drilling 1/8” to 3/16” larger than the fastener being used.


Available for both insulated and non-insulated buildings
Available in various sizes (standard sizes are 36”x30” & 48”x36” & 36” x 18”)
Available in fixed or sliding formats
Dual Low E Glass


Kick Wall

A kick wall offers a level of protection for both the building and the building’s users–both human and animal.
A kick wall is often installed in riding arenas to protect riders and animals from impact when approaching posts, metal siding, screw heads, and the edge of a building.
We usually install kick walls 6’ high in arenas, 8’ high in barns, but can be customized to the customer’s specifications
Stalls can be bolted against a kick wall in a barn.

Partition Wall

A partition wall can be installed to create a division inside your building. They can be done insulated or non-insulated, depending on the application.


Lean-to’s are a popular and customizable option that we offer with our buildings. They have multiple uses that range from shelter, to storage, to commercial office space. They can be built open, with posts and a beam, or closed in with walls.

 Accessories & Products

Continuous Eavestrough

Installing Continuous Eavestrough on your building drains the water away from your building and protects your investment from water damage. Eavestrough is rolled on site in a variety of colors to match or compliment your existing colors.

Eavestrough is supplied and installed by MWG Ventures.

Foam Closures

Resilient foam strips formed to the contour of ribbed panels. Used to close openings created by metal panel flutes and flashings. All closures have self-adhesive backing and interlocking tabs for easy application. Foam closures come in both large tab and small tab sizes for use with the following profiles:

Classic Fit / Tough Rib Profile
R-Panel / AWR Profile
Pro-Fit / 9-36 Profile
Dura Fit
Rainbow Rib Profile

Vented Ridge Seal

ProfileVent is a unique attic ventilation system that has the metal roofing panel profile cut into the surface. With the added ease of roll-out installation, the low profile provides excellent curb appeal with a proven ventilation performance for the life of the roof.

Dektite Pipe Flashings

Dektite is the original flexible pipe flashing system designed to seal hot or cold flues and pipes on metal roofs. With a tough weather tight seal and a strong flexible base, Dektite is the all-in-one flashing.
Flexible, corrosion resistant aluminum base conforms to any panel configuration.
Will not crack or break.
Continuous service temperature ranges of -65°F to +250° F (EPDM) and -40° to +350° (Silicone).
20 year warranty.

Turbo Shears

Attaches to any corded or cordless drill to quickly turn your drill into a metal cutting machine! We offer this product in a large, durable size to meet the needs of our customers for not only their current project, but their future projects as well.


All our sheet metal screws are pre-painted to match the color of the metal.