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Post & Stud Frame Construction

At Wizer Buildings we offer various types of building options. These range from supplying building materials, to supplying complete packages, to COMPLETE BUILDING SOLUTIONS where we supply, deliver and erect your custom designed building. All of our buildings conform to the National Building Code of Canada. To get started on YOUR new project, contact us with your plans or request a quote online.

Stud Frame


  • 2×6 or 2×8 studs placed on 16” or 24” centers depending on size of building
  • 2×4 wall strapping spaced at 24”


Post Frame


  • Posts are made with #2 or better spruce and mechanically fastened with ring shanked galvanized nails
  • Pressure treated lumber (PWF) is used in all areas that come in contact with ground
  • Standard 6’ burial (optional 8’ burial)
  • 2×6 wall strapping spaced at 24”
  • Maximum post spacing is 6’



 Roof Trusses



  • Trusses for every job are engineered and stamped for the location they’re used in
  • We place a pole under each truss
  • Poles are notched to provide a pocket for truss to sit in
  • Trusses are nailed to pole & fastened with a truss tie or hanger (truss engineers don’t recommend drilling holes and bolting trusses to poles)
  • 2×6 or 2×4 purlins at 24” spacing dependant on truss spacing



Metal Cladding






  • Insulation type and value vary depending on the requirements for the project. Our standard ceiling insulation is R50 cellulose (fibreglass available upon request), and our walls can be insulated up to R35.
  • All our insulated buildings have an air barrier installed under the metal on the exterior of the building.



Services & Specialties

Wizer Buildings Inc. specializes in Stud Frame and Pole Framed constructions. Each building is designed to meet each customers’ individual needs. We take a custom approach to each job because we realize that each building is as unique as the person we build it for. So whether you want a small garage, a big shop, or anything in between... We have a SOLUTION for you!

Contact us today about your project or try our easy-to-use Request-a-Quote form to get a FREE quote!

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