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All of our buildings come with a warranty. Below is a breakdown of the different warranty that applies to the various components of the building. This is a general warranty. For detailed information please contact a sales representative at Wizer Buldings.


  • Metal used on walls and roof comes with a 40 year paint warranty.
  • Cannon Ball hardware used in our sliding doors is guaranteed for the lifetime of the building by the manufacturer.
  • We guarantee our workmanship for two years from the time of construction.
  • Poles have a 60 year life expectancy.
  • Wizer Buildings guarantees the trusses on your building are built according to the National Building Code of Canada. They are designed to withstand the various wind and snow load conditions for your area. Each job is engineered for the specific location of the building.
  • We stand behind our product. We are committed to quality and superior service. That’s why making the Wizer choice is the best choice!